About Homoeopathy And Us
Homoeopathy is the safest form of treatment

Homeopathy is a “dynamic and holistic system of individualistic drug therapeutics, potentially capable to cure diseases that are curable and relieves symptoms of incurable nature”.  We have clients all across the country. We are flexible to consult and deliver medicine Pan India.

We are dedicated, committed and skilled to diagnose and plan the right course of action to recover and lead a healthy lifestyle. We at Nanas treat the person rather than the illness, we will interview you at length, asking questions and observing personality traits, as well as unusual behavioural and physical symptoms. We also perform a physical examination and order laboratory work. Perfect and precise Diagnosis is the first step to healing. Then the awareness about the physical conditions are explained and educated so the process towards recovery is understood and accepted by the person. As course of action requires complete co-operation of the person from consumption of medication regularly to making necessary lifestyle changes like dietary changes, regular physical activities and changing addictive habits. When the changes in the older unhealthy lifestyles can have an impact on mind and body. We counsel your mental wellbeing and provide the support that is required to lead you recovery. We are here to recover your health permanently and eradicate the illness from its roots than to give a temporary fix. Homoeopathy is the safest form of treatment as it doesn’t have side effects. It also provides quick recovery unlike the popular myth. Homoeopathy has a magnanimous growth in the recent times due to the increase of awareness about the greater benefits in the health and holistic well-being of its patrons.

Dr.N.Unnikrishnan is the Founder Director of Nanas Homoeo Medical Centre. Dr Unnikrishnan is a pioneer in the field of Homoeopathy.He has a vast experience of 38 years in the field of homoeopathy. Dr Unnikrishnan has served Government of Kerela under the Department of Homoeopathy for 25 years before retiring as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) from the district hospital of Palakkad,Kerela state. Dr Unnikrishnan holds an official license issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) under His Highness Royal Sultan Of Dubai,U.A.E to practise Homoeopathy independently on their soil. Dr
Unnikrishnan has also worked as the chief consultant in the Al-Bayaan medical centre in Karama, Dubai.