Dr Unnikrishnan is a highly esteemed physician and advanced practitioner of homeopathy with 47 years of specialized experience in the field. Driven by a passion for holistic healthcare, Dr. Unnikrishnan has dedicated his life to helping people find long-lasting relief from their ailments using natural, non-invasive treatments.

Dr. Unnikrishnan’s expertise in homeopathy has earned him numerous accolades throughout his distinguished career. He is particularly renowned for his work in Kerala, India, where he served as the Chief Medical Officer of the Government Hospital in Palakkad district for many years. His tireless dedication to improving patient outcomes and his deep understanding of homeopathic remedies have made him a beloved figure among patients in the region.

In addition to his work in India, Dr. Unnikrishnan served as the Chief Consultant at Al Bayaan Medical Center in Dubai, UAE, where he continued his work to advance the practice of homeopathy and holistic healthcare. His commitment to excellence and patient-centered care has earned him a reputation as a trusted and compassionate physician.

Dr. Unnikrishnan is currently the Founder Director of Nanas Homoe medical center, where he brings his years of expertise in homeopathy and holistic healthcare to help patients find effective, natural solutions to their healthcare needs. His approach emphasizes the importance of treating the whole person, rather than just their symptoms, and he works closely with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.

Despite his retirement from Palakkad District Government Hospital, Dr. Unnikrishnan remains deeply committed to advancing the practice of homeopathy and improving patient outcomes. He is a frequent speaker at medical conferences and other events around the world, where he shares his knowledge and experience with other healthcare professionals. His dedication to his patients and to the practice of homeopathy serves as an inspiration to others in the healthcare community.

Dr. Sathish Aurobindo is a distinguished physician and healthcare strategist who is renowned for his expertise in the field of Homoeopathic medicine. He is passionate about improving healthcare outcomes and has played a key role in developing many successful healthcare initiatives. Dr Sathish Aurobindo ‘s career in medicine spans over two decades, and during this time, he has held many prestigious positions in various healthcare organizations. He has Bachelor of Homeopathic medicine and Surgery (BHMS) graduation from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences and for which he had taken medical course at Fr.Mullers Homeopathic medical College and Hospital.He specialized in Repertory of Homoeopathic medicine.And holds a Post graduate Doctorate degree in Medicine (MD) from Dr Dadasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University for which he took course from prestigious Dakshin Kesari Muni Mishrilal ji Homeopathic medical College. Over the years, Dr Sathish Aurobindo has served as a medical director, chief medical officer, and CEO of several healthcare organizations. He has also been a consultant to various health systems and provided expert guidance on healthcare policies and strategies.And presently He is the Director of Nanas Homoe medical center. Dr Sathish Aurobindo’s passion for healthcare leadership has made him an influential figure in the healthcare industry. He has been instrumental in the development of innovative healthcare programs that have improved healthcare access, quality, and affordability for many people. Dr Sathish Aurobindo is a firm believer in the importance of patient-centered care, and he brings this philosophy to his work in healthcare leadership. He is keen on developing programs that prioritize the needs of patients and their families, and he advocates for policies that support patient empowerment. Dr Sathish Aurobindo is a sought-after speaker and has presented at numerous conferences and symposiums on healthcare leadership and policy. He is a published author and has written extensively on healthcare leadership and management. His commitment to improving healthcare has earned him huge flock of patients from Far and near. He has patients from all over India and abroad too. Dr Sathish Aurobindo continues to serve as a mentor to medical students and health professionals, and his dedication to healthcare leadership remains unwavering.

Dr Anila Gangadharan is a renowned physician and specialist in homeopathic medicine with an impressive educational background. She graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and obtained her medical training from Fr Muller Homoeopathic Medical College. She also holds a Doctorate of Medicine degree in Repertory of Medicine awarded by the highly esteemed Dadashaib Ambedkar Marathwada University. Dr Gangadharan enhanced her skills and knowledge as a medical practitioner by completing her medical training for post graduation at the prestigious Dakshin Kesari Muni Mishrilal ji Homeopathic Medical College.

With years of knowledge and experience under her belt, Dr Gangadharan has established herself as an authority in her field. She has applied her knowledge and skills to help patients throughout her career. Previously, Dr Gangadharan has worked as the Chief Medical Officer at the Cooperative Hospital in Kannur, a role that required a high degree of expertise and knowledge in various areas of medical care.

Dr Gangadharan’s knowledge of female-related diseases has earned her a reputation as a trusted and respected physician among female patients. Dr Gangadharan has helped many female patients find long-lasting relief from a variety of ailments using her expertise in homeopathic medicine.

Presently, Dr Gangadharan serves as a consultant specialist physician at Nanas Homoe Medical Center, where she continues to share her passion for holistic healthcare and provide patients with personalized care. Her commitment to providing innovative, effective treatments has earned her an excellent reputation among fellow physicians and patients alike.

Dr Gangadharan’s extensive educational background and impressive practical experience have made her a leader in her field of medical care. Patients trust her with their health, knowing that she combines her knowledge, expertise, and compassion to provide them with comprehensive and personalized care.