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                 Nanas Homoeo Medical Center is a well-known and highly respected homoeopathic medical center based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. With over 47 years of experience serving the community, we’ve become the premier medical center for homoeopathic treatments. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality healthcare to patients, ensuring they receive safe and effective treatments that cater to their specific needs.

Our team of doctors consists of three highly experienced practitioners – Dr. Unnikrishnan DHM. Retired Chief Medical Officer, Govt of Kerala, Dr. Sathish Aurobindo BHMS, MD (HOM) and  Dr. Anila Gangadharan BHMS, MD (HOM). These doctors are highly skilled in homoeopathic treatments and have a track record of successfully treating a wide range of ailments.

We have patients from all over the world, who visit our center seeking professional care and attention. Our fully stocked pharmacy includes genuine and rare homoeopathic medicines, from cosmetic preparations to pure generic medicines, we have everything under one roof. At Nanas Homoeo Medical Center, we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality medical care that is affordable and accessible. We believe in treating our patients with compassion, respect, and dignity, and we always go the extra mile to ensure they receive prompt and personalized care. If you’re looking for reliable Homoeopathic treatments, come and visit us today!


  • LEGACY of over fifty years in the field of homoeopathy.
  • PERSONAL CARE Individual analysis to promote the patients’ holistic health.
  • WELL-STOCKED PHARMACY with a rare queer drug repository.
  • GLOBAL PRESENCE, we consult with and ship medications to patients all over the world.
  • SKILLED CREW, Professionally qualified personnel in every respect.

About Nanas Homoeo Medical Centre

At Nanas Homoeo Medical Centre, our aim as homoeopathic physicians is to cure the whole person, not just the disease or symptoms. Homoeopathy recognises the interconnectedness of a person’s physical, mental, and emotional states and seeks to address all of these aspects in the process of healing. We at Nanas take into account the individual’s constitution, lifestyle, and circumstances, as well as the specific symptoms of the disease, in order to provide the most effective treatment. The aim is not to suppress symptoms but to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and restore the person to a state of wholeness and well-being.

At Nanas, we believe that a person’s health is determined by their individuality and the power of the organism to heal itself, and that disease arises when this power is obstructed or weakened. Our treatments are focused on stimulating the body’s own healing processes by using substances that produce similar symptoms to the disease in question, but in a diluted, potentized, and dynamic form to minimise the mildest side effects of the crude drugs. The goal is to resolve the underlying imbalance and restore the body’s ability to function in a healthy way.


Our experts

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